XML Feed Conversion for Property & Real Estate

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XML Feed Conversion for Property & Real Estate
  • Are you an estate agency and do you have a property feed that is not compatible with the property portals that you would like to advertise with?
  • Do you run a property portal and you can’t get enough advertisers as they don’t have a compatible XML feed?

XML Feed Conversion for Estate Agencies and Property Portal owners

This a service we have been offering for some time now, we are working with some major portals with this service and some major players in the property and real estate industry such as Chestertons International.

The service is saving our clients thousands of pounds each year, they are saving so much time and internal resource whilst our proven system takes care of this for them.

If you are an estate agency… You will likely be submitting your properties to at least one property portal, if you are not in any way savvy you may be doing this manually? This is madness in this day and age, we have so many solutions to fit your needs so you must get in touch! The likelihood is that you have an XML feed either coming from your website or your CRM system, which distributes your properties to one or more property portals. The problem here is that there are so many property portals, and some may not accept your feed type. So we have developed a new system which takes your current XML feed, and converts this into an XML feed that can be submitted to the portals, giving you the ability to launch your properties with more portals globally.

If you run a property portal… You will likely receive a number of advertising requests on a daily/weekly basis that you cannot accept due to the agency not having a workable feed for your portal. This is where the MyDataFeed XML conversion system can help you out, you make the referral to us and we can act on your behalf with the client, this service can be white labelled should you need it to be.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions with regards to this service.