What is an XML feed and why do I need one?

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What is an XML feed and why do I need one?

A common question we get asked when marketing our system to potential clients is ‘What is an XML feed and why do I need one?’… It’s quite a difficult to answer this question without going into specific details, but the simplest way we can put this is ‘To keep up with your competition’

With the growing emergence of portal websites offering free advertising across various markets then if you sell, rent or advertise anything then there is so much opportunity for you to get your products seen to a world audience with the use of an XML feed, or any other feed format for that matter.

This is where we come in, MyDataFeed offers a system which allows you to sit back, relax and be confident that your listings are being distributed accurately to the portals you desire. We crawl your website on a daily basis and extract your listings data, this data is then transformed into various feed formats so that you can distribute to the portals that you have accounts with.

We are currently working with many feed formats and our list of accepted portals and feed formats is growing daily, but lets concentrate on the Real Estate Feed formats that we offer for now, a list of which cane seen below:

  • Rightmove BLM Feed Supplier
  • Zoopla Feed Supplier
  • OnTheMarket feed Supplier
  • Zillow Feed Supplier
  • Kyero Feed Supplier
  • MoveAgain Feed Supplier
  • AngloInfo Feed Supplier
  • and many more…

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